By: Matt Garrott

Welcome to the Fairway Wealth Management blog. Our aim is to provide you with compelling insight that is a departure from the media’s typical conjecture without getting too deep into the rough. Hopefully, we don’t break the internet in the process. Here is what you can expect from us in this space:

We want to influence your investing behavior and provide you meaningful insights. We will not be delivering hot stock tips or talking about specific asset allocations in this venue. Hot stock tips are usually unsolicited and come from THAT GUY at the cocktail party or country club. Don’t be THAT GUY. The successful investor focuses on a long-term investment or asset allocation strategy, which is unique to their specific goals and risk tolerance. While having a sound long-term investment strategy is critically important, so is behavior. Investors have a knack for buying and selling at the exact wrong time, following their emotions rather than their long-term plans. Dalbar, a financial research firm, prepares a quarterly analysis of investor behavior that consistently shows the average investor significantly lags stock and bond market returns due to controllable behavioral mistakes. We want investors to focus on their long-term strategy and things they can control, not impossible-to-get-right predictions about the future that lead to knee-jerk reactions.

We will share the unique perspective of an independent fiduciary RIA firm that focuses on our clients’ entire financial picture, not just their portfolio. We will not breathlessly speculate on the latest geopolitical developments, recent market movements, or some pundit’s economic predictions. We will focus on the issues that matter and will occasionally point out the issues that don’t matter but often steal the spotlight.

It is also our hope that we somehow make wealth management topics fun. After all, the word internet comes from the ancient Greek words inter – meaning through – and netus – meaning cat pictures*. We will strive to keep the topics lively, but with real world applications. There will be no white papers or semantics debates. This is coming from the suburbs of Cleveland, not an ivory tower.

Our challenge is to impact investor behavior in a positive way. By sharing our perspective we hope to provide a clearer image of the investing environment, but seek to do so in a fresh way that is meaningful to you. Speaking of you, please email me at or one of our advisors if you have any feedback or questions. Don’t be shy about sharing this with friends, family, or coworkers.

*This is completely false.

Fairway Scorecard 10-31-2014