For Trusts and Trustees

We serve as independent investment adviser for trusts and trustees; enabling smart separation of the administration and investment functions. A trust can then have the same caliber of investment expertise, open architecture, low-cost, tax-efficiency, and other features that trust creators already appreciate in their own well-constructed portfolios.for-trusts-trustees
People usually name a bank or a trusted individual as trustee, giving them both the administration and investment responsibilities. That approach has some weaknesses since many trustee candidates are not well-suited for the investment function. There is an alternative. Many banks will now accept an administration-only role. Splitting the two functions can offer greater checks and balances along with access to independent investment expertise. And, carving-out the investment function may add to the appeal of naming a loyal and trusted attorney, accountant, wealth manager, friend, or family member as the trustee, instead of a bank.