Successful, high-income younger professional who is raising a family and accumulating wealth both inside and outside of retirement plans. Equity compensation is becoming a larger part of the compensation structure and the wealth accumulation is outpacing the planning and strategy in place.


  • Cash is accumulating outside retirement plans and, with no consistent investment strategy in place, the money is not working for the client.
  • There is either no existing advisory relationship or the current relationship is a broker who makes recommendations on products without a comprehensive strategy.
  • No investment coordination between investments inside and outside of retirement plans.
  • With income increasing, significant taxes are being paid, with little conversation around proactive tax planning.
  • They are unsure of their plans to fund college for their kids and don’t have a strategy setup to accomplish their goals.
  • While they are successful in their career, they do not want to work forever, and are uncertain how much money they need to retire.
  • With no time to build an estate plan, their estate documents are left unfinished.
  • They’ve been sold various life insurance policies over the years, but don’t understand their need, nor amount of coverage needed for protection.


  • Develops an integrated investment strategy that coordinates the investments inside and outside of retirement plans into a cohesive portfolio.
  • Facilitate conversations around future goals: when do you want to retire, what kind of college education do you want to fund for your children, what are your legacy goals, and what are your retirement lifestyle goals?
  • Build out long-term cash flow plans that provide a context for long-term decision making.
  • Annual tax planning and reviews to ensure that the client is structuring their earning and savings in the most tax efficient manner possible.
  • Introduce an attorney and provide leadership in the estate planning process.
  • Help in understanding equity compensation structures and utilizing those plans to provide the maximum benefit with an eye towards the overall portfolio concentration and tax efficiency.
  • Simplify insurance portfolio and eliminate high cost and unnecessary permanent policies.


  • Client has a strategy for income and savings that allows them to know what to do with their cash and investments without stressing over each decision.
  • Clarity around their future goals and their plan to achieve them helps them enjoy the present.
  • A comprehensive approach to tax efficiency helps maximize the dollars they can save today.
  • A single investment strategy, aligned with long-term goals, and with an eye on optimizing after-tax returns.
  • They receive comprehensive reporting that allows them to know exactly how their investments are performing and provides constant transparency.
  • Instead of money dictating life, wealth now facilitates lifestyle.

These descriptions are hypothetical and are not client endorsements.