Celebrating 20 Years of Service… and Volatility

By: Mark Weiskind June 2022 marked 20 years since Dan Gaugler and I founded Fairway. It’s a bit humbling to think back to where we started in 2002, just the two of us in shared office space in Westlake, Ohio, with what was hopefully a good business plan…but no clients!  Now we are a [...]

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Groundhog Day

By: Matt Garrott “Well it’s Groundhog Day…again…” says Bill Murray’s character who is forced to relive the same day over and over again.  Investors may feel the same way about the markets.  Stocks are volatile once more and investors have been reminded that values can actually go down, after the steady climb in [...]

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Market Commentary 12/31/2021

By: Matt Garrott What Happened in 2021 US stocks did very well while International stocks climbed but lagged the US.  The Barclays Aggregate Bond Index was down slightly, but Municipal Bonds and TIPS were up.  Even though a moderate portfolio likely had a higher return than the historical average for US Large Cap [...]

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Dow 36,000

By: Matt Garrott Dow 36,000:  The New Strategy for Profiting From the Coming Rise in the Stock Market was a book published in 1999 that predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average would hit 36,000 within 5 years.  The Dow topped out at 11,750 before the Tech Bubble burst.  22 years later, on November [...]

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