Market Commentary 9/30/2021

By: Matt Garrott Commodities were up 6.6% for the quarter, while the Energy and Materials sectors were down.  Two Federal Reserve presidents resigned amid a securities trading controversy.  Major political uncertainties swirl around the debt ceiling and spending bills.  Supply chain issues are pushing inflation up.  Employers are scrambling to find workers.  A [...]

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Does Tomato Belong in Fruit Salad?

By: Matt Garrott I saw an infographic on social media recently with a breakdown of COVID infections in the United States by county.  What caught my eye was the state with the fewest infections – Louisiana with zero.  How could this be?  The author’s reply in the comments: The computer program used to [...]

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Market Commentary 4/30/2021

By: Matt Garrott The S&P 500 continued its bull run, returning 5.3% during the month of April. You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, though. Instead of cheering increased vaccination numbers, inflation worries dominate the news. Inflation has picked up by 2.6%, but it is not present across the entire economy. Home prices [...]

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When the Math Works Too Well

By: Matt Garrott “A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers.” – Plato By now you have heard of the latest short squeeze.  GameStop, a brick-and-mortar retail chain that sells video games and related items has found its way into national headlines.  The company’s financials were so poor and its prospects so [...]

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Market Commentary 12/31/2020

By: Matt Garrott What Happened in 2020 What could grab headlines away from the killing of a top Iranian general, a very public oil production dispute between OPEC and Russia, and even the Presidential election?  The global pandemic was the top story of 2020 and continues into 2021. After taking hold in the [...]

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