Our client relationships often extend beyond the patriarch/matriarch to include a broad group of family members. We have tailored a Next Generation service to assist our clients’ children and grandchildren to meet their unique needs.

Helping your family make wise financial decisions early on in their journey can make all of the difference.  After receiving repeated requests from our clients asking us to assist their children and other loved ones, we decided to offer a tailored service to our client’s family members, who may not otherwise meet our minimum client size requirements.  This program takes the trusted relationship our clients have enjoyed with us and extends it to their loved ones who are committed to building their own long-term, financial success.

Our Next Generation offering utilizes Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios (SIIP) as the backbone for a streamlined investment platform.  Utilizing the SIIP solution ensures the next generation is building a low-cost, diversified investment portfolio that will help them meet their goals, not being sold the product of the month by a non-fiduciary advisor.  In addition, the service provides direct access to a dedicated Fairway Associate to provide sound advice and expertise when your family members have questions about any of their planning needs, including cash and debt management, education planning, retirement plan funding, and insurance planning.

The development of this Next Generation offering also allows us to serve select new client families that may not yet meet our minimums, but where it is anticipated they will do so in the future.