We provide leadership, ideas, and a systematic process for helping you make smart financial decisions. 

The intended benefit is an improved sense of control, predictability, and good stewardship over your money and future. Our relationships begin with the question of “what is the money for”. We start by running long-range cash flow and net worth projections to understand how closely your goals and resources are aligned. We then analyze your current investment strategy, estate plan, and income tax situation. To the extent problems or shortcomings exist, those become high priorities for planning and analysis. We then begin a structured quarter-by-quarter process of helping you manage cash flows, investments, and income tax exposures.

We see wealth management as having three technical components, all of which need to be managed and measured on an after-tax basis:

1. Financial planning is about goals, alternatives for reaching and protecting them, and the context for making related decisions. For many clients, this approach confirms they have enough resources to meet their goals and thus inspires them to broaden and accelerate their lifestyle and gifting ambitions.

2. Investing then springs from that financial planning context. We design investment portfolios based on your stated objective and your need, ability, and willingness to take risk. We build portfolios that are equity-oriented and based on modern asset allocation and location concepts. We believe that a long-term view, investor behavior, elegant diversification, tax-efficiency, low-costs, and a disciplined process are the keys to investment success. That stands in contrast to the stock-picking, market-timing, and product-centric messaging from the investment marketplace.

3. Estate planning is about shaping a legacy and protecting loved ones. It starts with contingency planning in which we review your objectives and current plans. If the contingency plan needs work, doing so becomes a priority. Our approach then presumes you will live a long, rewarding life and challenges you to consider what should eventually happen when you pass control and wealth to your loved ones and your community.