Fairway serves the complex needs of wealthy families. Our expert advice and advisory team leadership can help you fully enjoy your wealth…in lifestyle, legacy, and peace of mind.

Our Job

As families accumulate wealth, they generally start to build a team of advisors…a CPA to help with taxes, a broker to help with investments, an attorney to draft estate documents, an insurance agent to help with risk management.  However, a common problem we see is that none of the advisors have the all-important job of integrating the various technical disciplines, of managing the big picture, and of driving the agenda.  We rarely see wealthy families having a CFO of their growing personal wealth business. That’s what we do.  As our clients’ advocates and fiduciaries, we help clients capture the benefits of integrated wealth management and coordinate the entire personal financial process.

Our clients appreciate that we understand their objectives, both financial and non-financial.  They appreciate our expertise across the entire wealth management spectrum, not just in one discipline. They appreciate the reliability of us as their central point of contact.  They appreciate that while their situation may be complicated, we make things simple for them to live with.  These factors create a feeling of confidence that their goals are secure; their decisions are sound; they are good stewards of their wealth; and, if contingencies do occur, that we will keep their plans on track.

In summary, our job is to do the things you would do yourself, if you had the time, experience, and desire to make the management of your wealth a full-time job.

Why Fairway

Who We Are


Fairway is an independent SEC-registered investment advisory firm founded in 2002.


We are required to act in the best interests of our clients, always.


We work within a transparent and constructive fee-structure, focused on controlling overall costs.


Our approach selects managers, custodians and affiliated advisors based on the best fit for each client.

Our Services


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