After climbing to the top of their profession, this executive is looking to move into a quiet retirement life. They are planning to stop working or take on a limited consulting role and want to use the reduction in career responsibilities to travel and spend time with their family.  


  • After spending more than a decade with the same company, the majority of their net worth is concentrated in company stock.
  • The executive would like to reduce exposure to the company while still maximizing their after-tax proceeds.
  • Outside of company plans, they have accumulated a “collection” of investments with several different brokers and investment advisors, so they are not sure whether their portfolio is aligned to provide them with the retirement income they need.
  • They don’t feel comfortable with their understanding of how much money their portfolio can support them spending each year. How do they know how much they can use?
  • With a net worth that has grown significantly and new grandchildren, the client would like to see their wealth benefit their family and is not sure if the estate plan will handle that.


  • Build a strategy to reduce exposure to company stock through an efficient and structured process over 24 months.
  • Set up a donor-advised fund for the client to carry out their charitable giving. Use highly appreciated company stock to fund their donor-advised fund.
  • Build a long-term projection that enables the client to assess how much they can spend, as well as determine what rate of return they need to earn in order to support that standard of living.
  • Develop a portfolio strategy that carries the right balance of risk to allow the client to sleep at night while still earning the return they need on their portfolio to sustain their lifestyle.
  • An estate review and illustration so that the client can see how their estate will play out after they pass and what adjustments they might want to make.
  • Our service model provides regular client updates, consistent tax planning, and mobile accessible portfolio reporting.


  • Client reduces their concentrated stock position, significantly curtailing the downside risk in their portfolio and allowing them to relax and stop stock price watching.
  • Clarity around their spending capacity and portfolio strategy enables them to fully embrace working on their bucket list items knowing they have a spending framework to comfortably work in.
  • The donor-advised fund they setup and funded with company stock allows them to give freely and to see the charitable possibilities for the future.
  • Seeing the estate illustration prompts them to make some adjustments to their estate plan. The illustration combined with the long-term planning allows them to see that they have the capacity to do some more family gifting now, giving them the joy of seeing the wealth benefit their children and grandchildren.
  • Instead of money dictating life, wealth now facilitates lifestyle.

These descriptions are hypothetical and are not client endorsements.