Successful wealth management requires the integration of three technical disciplines and an adviser skilled in managing the whole system.  That’s why so many people are drawn to the concept of having their own Personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer).


Tips for Selecting a Personal CFO…


  • Independence from financial products
  • Technicians with CPA/PFS or CFP licenses
  • Performance mindset = happy clients like you
  • Informed skepticism about investment products
  • Fees you can see and understand
  • Expertise in buying financial products
  • Those who embrace a fiduciary duty to the client


  • Product manufacturers (brokers, banks, etc.)
  • Single-strategy money managers
  • Performance mindset = investment returns (only)
  • Promoters of ability to time the market or pick stocks
  • Free advice, apparent low fees, outrageous loads
  • Expertise in selling financial products
  • Those who avoid a fiduciary duty to the client