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Market Commentary Q1 2020

By: Matt Garrott What Happened this Quarter The year in headlines started with the death of an Iranian General.  Concerns that this would start World War III fizzled and the markets shrugged their shoulders as even oil markets barely flinched.  Stories started circulating in January about a virus in China.  The United States [...]

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Fear is Contagious

By: Matt Garrott Stocks were off by about 3% yesterday on fears that cases of coronavirus are accelerating outside of China.  Should you worry?  For the “general American public“, the answer is no, according to the CDC.  Does that mean that only fools would be concerned by this?  No.  Identifying and dealing with [...]

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Market Commentary Q4 2019

By: Matt Garrott What Happened in 2019 Some feared the near-bear drawdown of late 2018 was the beginning of the end of the bull market.  Indeed, many market commentaries mention being “late in the market cycle”.  Age will not signal the end of this bull, however.  The S&P 500 gained 31.5% even as [...]

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Talking Turkey About Active vs Passive

By: Matt Garrott Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, pumpkin spice everything, and – most importantly – reflection on what we are thankful for.  This is also the time of year for the cliché awkward family argument, whether it’s about politics, bitcoin, or jockeying for who still has to sit at the kids’ [...]

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The Beginning of the End?

By: Matt Garrott Saying the market hates uncertainty is cliché because uncertainty is the only constant in the market.  Otherwise there would be no risk and returns would be miniscule.  Lately, though, there have been three sources of outsized uncertainty: US/China trade, Brexit, and the Federal Reserve.  October may have been the beginning [...]

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Skeptical Investing

By: Matt Garrott The S&P 500 is up over 20% through September 30th.  Real estate is up almost 28%.  Even the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index is up over 8%.  Unemployment is incredibly low at 3.7% and wage growth is picking up.  Inflation is tame at under 2%.  The United States, particularly relative to [...]

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The Biggest Risk as of August 2019

By: Matt Garrott Midway through August nearly every media outlet posted a RECESSION headline.  Even the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a front-page story.  The yield curve had inverted (the yield on shorter maturity bonds was higher than longer maturities), leading some to jump to the conclusion that a recession was imminent.  After all, [...]

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