Stop Chasing Your Tail

By: Matt Garrott Investors who alternate between chasing returns and safety wind up in the same situation as a dog chasing its tail – out of breath, dizzy, and living off of dog food. The notion that there is some strategy where the investor can perfectly time getting in and out of asset [...]

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Why Settle For Mediocre Returns?

By: Matt Garrott Why would anyone buy an index fund and guarantee an average return? You don’t want to be average, do you? Average is for losers! Or so you might think if you watched CNBC all day. In reality, the index outperforms active managers more often than not. Every six months, Standard [...]

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An Investment Portfolio Check-Up

By: Dan Gaugler The best investors ignore the conventional Wall Street blabber about stock-picking, market-timing, and beating-the-market. They know investing is not a game. The returns you seek are actually there for the taking. You just need a disciplined approach and a long-term view. Investing is about getting your fair share of the [...]

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